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This list will be updated periodically/as questions are asked/terms brought up.

The list is in alphabetical order.

Activity (1/10) — On roleplay applications, this is to let the people know how active you will be on the website posting. Very little free time = 1-3. Two to three posts a week, 4-6. More free time than most, higher numbers.

Admin — The ‘manager’ or person in charge of the roleplay, group, blog, etc.

AU — Alternate Universe. The world that strays from the canon either slightly or entirely.

Canon — The original source information (TV show, book, etc.) that the characters came from.

Closed Roleplay — The thread/roleplay is closed off to outsiders and is only welcome to those that are mentioned and already involved.

Doubling — When you and your partner both play one female AND one male. Most often used as a courtesy when both players do not want to play a specific gender.

Face Claim — The “face” of your character. The celebrity, actor, anime character that is used to portray the appearance of your character.

Fade To Black — Often used within sexual scenes where the players end/skip a scene, though the actions are thought to be played out despite not being typed, and the scene picks back up after the skipped scene would have ended.

Fan Character — An original character created in a canon world.

Future Week — When, in a roleplay, the roleplay jumps into the future a decade or more, but only for one week.

GIF Chat — Explained [here] with an example.

Godmodding — A character whose abilities are limitless. Often acts of forcibly causing something to happen, i.e. making someone else’s character move without consent, is godmodding.

Headcanon — Something that the individual or fandom believes to be true in the story, show, etc. and it generally makes sense, but hasn’t been confirmed by the creators of the media. More or less, a ‘personal’ canon.

Het — Abbreviation used for heterosexual.

IC — In character. That relating to what occurs in game/post by the characters.

Indie — Independent. Usually mean a roleplay blog that is not tied to a roleplay group.

M!A — Magic!Anon. Used when asking a character a question anonymously. The Magic!Anon has the ‘ability’ to make the character do or become anything. 
For example: M!A You are now a rabbit for a day!
The character will then respond with a post to this. 

Mainverse — The main universe in which the character is played.

Mary Sue/Gary Stu — Used to describe a character that is often times ‘perfect’ in every way, is capable of upstaging other characters no matter what, they can pick up on any task and master it in no time, etc. Usually a perfected self-insert.

MC — Abbreviation for main character.

Mod— The ‘manager’ or person in charge of the roleplay, group, blog, etc.

Moniker — A nickname or alias, often used by the roleplayer.

MPreg — Male Pregnancy. A character or roleplay allowance that sees males becoming pregnant as acceptable and is used for the roleplay.

Multi-Para/Novella — Multiple Paragraphs of post length, often stemming from 3 paragraphs to way beyond this.

Multiple Storyline Character — A character in which the events of one thread have absolutely no effect on the events in another thread in anyway, shape, or form, and are known to be played out in completely different universes regardless of any similarities. Each partner has their own universe that is played with said character, so the events with another partner do not interfere with others.

Multishipping — Coincides with Multiple Storyline Character, in which the romantic involvement which one character in one thread does not interfere or coincide with the romantic relationship with another character in an entirely different thread. This means that a character can have as many relationships as they would like, as each one is in a different universe and none of the partners know of the others’ existence in anyway, shape, or form.

Mun — The person behind the character. A.K.A the roleplayer.

Muse — Often referred to either the player’s character, or things that inspire the player.

MU/MUSH — Multi User Simulated Hallucination. Often related to roleplayers of MMORPGS such as World of Warcraft.

Mutual — Specifically for Tumblr. This is when you follow someone’s blog, but they also follow you back.

NPC — Non-playable character. This is when the player controls the actions of a character that may not be tied to the story permanently, such as pedestrains, waiters, office workers, etc. These may also be side characters that are tied to the story, though only played and controlled by one player.

NSFW — Not Safe For Work. Any material that would not be suitable outside of private viewing.

OC — Original Character. One that is not related in any canon material. Made up by the player.

Omegaverse — Best explained [here] due to length.

One Line — One sentence of post length.

OOC — Out of Character. Discussions that are done between the players and do not directly consist of the actions happening in the game.

Open Post — Used specifically on tumblr, but could regard an open thread on a forum as well. This means that the post made is open for anyone to reply to so that a roleplay is started. Sometimes, more than one person is allowed to join, which is specified either in the title of the post, or in the tags.

OTP — One True Pairing. Players personal favorite pair of love between characters.

Para — Five to six sentences of post length.

PB or PlayBy —The “face” of your character. The celebrity, actor, anime character that is used to portray the appearance of your character.

PSA — Public Service Announcement. Generally used when making an important or should-be-wide-spread announcement for followers, groups, or people beyond those looking at your blog.

RFP — Used in roleplay applications. Players example audition posts are removed once accepted and in it’s place is RFP or Removed For Privacy.

RP — Roleplay.

RPG — Roleplay Game/Group.

Self-insert — A character that resembles the mun via personality, looks etc. and is, generally, an exact reflection of the mun.

SemeIn erotic manga (or ‘hentai’), it relates to the person who is the ‘top’ in the bedroom, or has a more dominant personality.

Semi-Para — Three sentences of post length.

Semi-SelectiveWhen a roleplayer will sometimes be choosy with who they decide to roleplay with. Out of person A, B, and C, they may roleplay with B and C, but decide not to roleplay with A for whatever reason.

Ship/Shipping — Short for relationship. The act of shipping two characters together is to engage the two of them in an official relationship. The thought of shipping two characters together is approval of the thought of the two engaging in a relationship.

Slash — Refers to the same-sex pairing of characters.

Smut — The writing of erotica/18+ material. Smut involves sexual intercourse, oral sex, handjobs, etc.

Starter — The opening/beginning post of the roleplay. The very first post of the roleplay, to ‘start’ it.

T1, T2, and T3 — Post explaining all three found [here].

Thread — The collection of posts and responses from the start or continuation of the roleplay.

Uke — In erotic manga (or ‘hentai’), it relates to the person who is the ‘bottom’ in the bedroom, or has a more submissive personality.

UST — Unresolved Sexual Tension

Verse — ‘Universe’ or the world in which the roleplay is set.