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Hey girl hey! Nice to meet you. My question is quick and about smut. If I'm RPing OCs with an underaged partner, am I allowed to write and post smutty things of our pairing as long as my partner didn't contribute to it? Think along the lines of little fanfictions, but with OCs.

Yes. That’s correct. As long as the two of you aren’t roleplaying smut together, it’s fine.

I appreciate all the new followers I’m gaining, but the questions I’ve been receiving are violating the Read Me First.

Please. Please. Please.

Take a look around before you ask me anything. I haven’t set all these links, tags, etc. up for you to just ignore them. I’ve handed everything to you on a silver platter. Please, just take a look.

Ok, I basically have a problem with what you said. I've found a few situations on tumblr were roleplayers are absolutely abusive. Telling them their behavior isn't ok is likely to make them play the victim card. I've found that blocking/pretending to lose their posts is the only way to deal with them. Yes, you should absolutely not say you'll roleplay with anyone, especially with abusive people out there. But there are times when cutting a roleplayer out is the only option.

I’m not trying to sound rude, but no matter how I word this it probably will regardless, but if you bothered to look through my social tag, you’d know that I never condone abuse and I always tell followers who come to me in those situations to drop the people, block them, and cease communication.

The post I made was for the general attitude of the community, and is not specifically talking about abusive situations, because I could write another entire post about that specifically. And maybe, soon enough, I will do just that.

But please don’t assume that I don’t know or understand the situations about abuse, because I’ve been in abusive roleplay relationships myself, and I know all about it. Being in the community for sixteen years, I’ve experienced just about everything.

I don't understand something. Many RPer's rules state that they are open to RP with anyone, but when you try to start with them, they don't reply or even acknowledge your inquiry. Also, some say they are slow to answer, but yet I see them going back and forth with others multiple times a day. I've been waiting for a month or more on some replies (even sent friendly reminders, but no acknowledgement). Can you shed some insight into this? The RP community seems very hard to be accepted into.

Unfortunately, I have quite a lot to say about this.

The roleplay community is not what it was sixteen years ago, when I started, and I’m not saying that in a positive manner.

There are more people in the roleplay community today than there were back then, and I had a nice, small group of people who guided me and showed me the way. 
I feel that there are a lot of people who are young coming into the community with no sense of etiquette or people to tell them that certain things are not kind or are rude to do.

The roleplay community today has a severe lack of communication, which leads to a lot of flaky people who just up and leave with absolutely no explanation, or do not give you the time of day at all to begin with.

This makes me very sad, and leaves a lot of people leaving the community, damaging their self-esteem, and making them feel like they won’t belong to the community at all.

I feel that a lot of people do not understand the weight behind ignoring people. It’s rude. I can 100% understand if you have an emergency in real life and you just need to drop everything and go, but when people see you communicating with others still, yet you’ve been completely shoved off, it’s not right.

In my guide Dropping A Partner/Leaving A Group, I literally give you all the tools you need to say no to someone in a polite way. Anytime I answer a question on here, I’m literally taking the little paragraph I’ve provided and editing it towards the situation at hand. 

There is no excuse for you to blatantly ignore someone (especially when I’ve provided options for people).

I understand while there is a decent amount of people that follow this blog, it’s not every roleplayer. To help spread the word about it, I highly encourage people to reblog the guide I provided on dropping a partner (preferrably without a Read More cut, because I feel people won’t read it if it’s not in their face. That’s why I don’t use them on this blog).

If you claim that you are open to roleplay with anyone, and yet you don’t, don’t say that you’re open to roleplay with anyone. It’s mean and gives false hopes to people that are crushed when you don’t reply to them.
Also, don’t come up with excuses. If you have a legitimate excuse, fine, but if you’re coming up with an excuse every time someone calls you out on ignoring someone then obviously you have some things to look at and sort.

If you don’t want to roleplay with someone, or want to not roleplay with someone anymore, or just want to leave a group, just say something.

I have anxiety disorder myself, and while it can be a little-nerve wracking, I know in the long run there are going to be less problems on both ends having said something than just dropping someone altogether with no basis or explanation. And that eases my mind.

Finding reliable roleplayers these days are few and far between unfortunately. I’ve offered resources on the Resources section of this blog to hopefully get you in touch with some good partners. So, I would check there, too.

Like I said, the roleplay community has an extreme problem with unreliable players and a serious lack of communication. If you can dig through it though, and while they’re a dime a dozen, you can find a really great partner.

In your opinion, what makes a good writer/roleplayer? Whenever I write replies, I often feel like I'm not eloquent enough and question my abilities, but I'm not sure if that means I'm actually bad or simply too critical of my own style.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a proper answer as everyone has their personal opinion and taste as to what they believe is a good writer/roleplayer.

If you’re wanting to improve your writing skills, I have some things in the Resources section of this blog you can definitely look into. At the same time, you may very well be being critical of yourself, as most people are. Just work on improving your writing to where YOU want it to be, and not worry so much as to what everyone else may want, etc. 

If you want to improve, that’s your thing and you go for it. Just don’t be so hard on yourself.

I didn't see this anywhere, but if I missed it sorry! If I use other people's gifs/pics but crop them into icons, do they now belong to me or should I still put that they belong to their respective owners?

You should always credit the original artist. Always.

I just discovered this blog not too long ago, and I'm finding myself simply scrolling through it, eating up every word. I'm fully intending to go through every bit of this blog, and I just wanted to take a moment to say something: / Thank / you for keeping this up and offering solid and credible advice. This is something wonderful, and I truly appreciate it.

Thank you so much. Your words mean so much to me. Thank you.

If someone puts their post in the 'open rp' tag, is it acceptable to just respond to it even if you've never interacted before? Or should you go talk to them first?

Yes. I would say it is acceptable for you to respond to their opener. Though, my thing is, when in doubt, talk to them first.

Do you actually roleplay?

Yes, I do.

Been roleplaying for 16 years.

Years ago I was part of a really popular RP club on an art based website. My character, A, ended up gaining an interest in V, along with someone else OC, X, and so a rivalry started between our two characters (A&X). Now there was no trouble there, we had a lot of fun with that, the trouble was the owner of V made it seem like their character was going to end up with one of ours “but V just couldn’t choose yet”. We did our best to take it in stride, and I think for the most part we thought it would just be this endless silly cycle. Until it turned out the owner of V had already paired their character ages ago, just never mentioned it to us and from what we gathered was just doing this for their own personal benefit.

Since my A wasn’t looking for love they weren’t crushed, and therefor nether was I, but apparently Vs owner had led on Xs owner a whole lot more, leading to a very sad situation.

Since then Vs owner had flipped flopped all over the place, and has become one of the most passive aggressive people I have ever met. They can be fun, and I even share interests with them, but then they’ll just change in the blink of any eye and become something I don’t like. We end up being in the same groups, so while I’m not following this person about its hard to avoid them unless I was to throw out my own interests/don’t want to apply to the group. But every time we talk I feel like I’m being guilted about something, or being treated very poorly over something I don’t even know or understand. I’ve tried talking to them, but they don’t really touch on the topic, and on some level I feel like they don’t see me as “worth their time”. I don’t think I can be friends with this person, but I want to be civil since they’re in some of the circles I’m in and get along with others, and I don’t want to be the one person who is making a face in the corner. So I guess I’m wondering how do I do this thing? Avoiding them in the group has led to little interaction with other groups members, but interacting with them is just frustrating. Right now I just feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, and I’ve been here for years! Any advice you have at all I’d be grateful for, cause I’d just like to shed this chip on my shoulder that won’t seem to go away.

This is a type of situation where a big conversation needs to happen between you and V, on all the topics you’ve discussed here. I would send them a message (preferably on some sort of messenger handle if you can, that way they may have a better chance of seeing it if you’re roleplaying here on tumblr).

Here is what I would send to them:

Hey. I know you probably don’t want to talk about it, but a conversation needs to happen between you and I. I’m not attacking you in any way, but we do need to talk. I have this feeling that I’m not worth your time any time we do talk, and that sometimes you leave the impression that I’m being guilted about something. (Offer examples if you can). Ever since the situation with pairings between you, me and X, things have just been off and I think we need to come to some sort of resolution. We have similar interests, and that means we’re probably going to end up in the same roleplay groups, as we have been, but I think the fact you and I don’t properly communicate in a positive manner leaves me with little to no interaction with the other group members, because you and I are avoiding each other, more or less. I just want us to be civil and at least decently positive to one another so that this doesn’t become an increasingly more hostile relationship, really, over nothing. Do you think we can work on this?

You lay everything out on the table on top of telling them how you feel about the situation. That’s important and I would encourage you to talk to them in the most civil manner possible, even though they may not be very nice at the beginning of this conversation. Just be polite, but frank at the same time. Get your message across. You don’t have to compromise in your interests just because you have this one person as a bit of an obstacle or challenge in your way.

The two of you can work something out if the two of you are willing. If the conversation steers into a negative direction and you aren’t sure what to do, you can come back to me for more guidance.

I hope this helps and that everything goes well.