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Guys, some things have been happening since I reopened the ask box. And with new followers coming in, I must repeat myself once more:

  1. The Read Me First is in bold and large on the side for a reason. Please read it before asking anything.
  2. I am not a promotional blog. Please do not ask me to promote your personal roleplay blog, the blogs of others, or your roleplay group. Messages like these are immediately deleted.
  3. I am also not a middle-man. Do not attempt to answer the question of someone else through me. Please reblog the question asked if you decide you have something to add.
  4. Sending in your question 5+ times gets your question deleted. I do not appreciate people spamming my inbox when my personal life is as hectic as it is. I will get to it whenever I can. If that means you have to wait, then I apologize, but you will have to wait.

I never try to be mean guys. I do hope you know that. But it gets frustrating when I’m deleting one out of every two questions I receive. That’s a LOT of deleting.

Please be considerate and look through the blog some before asking a question. A lot of times, it has already been answered.

Thank you for understanding.

I'm making an indie RP blog. The title is a catchphrase the character has in the comic adaption, from which the character isn't even based (nor have I even read the comic). Is that too vague and unrelated to the character to use as a username?

You can literally do whatever you choose. If that’s what you want to do, you go for it.

I’ve seen plenty of URLs that have no relation to the character, Canon or not, what-so-ever. So, you can do whatever you like!

hi do you know what "para ic"

It simply means a paragraph that is in character. Meaning that a paragraph is written in the characters perspective, not the roleplayer themselves.

For those who would like some one-on-one real time answers from me, please feel free to add fuckyeahroleplayadvice to your skype!

I am currently online if you’d like to chat and ask questions :)

Edit: NOW CLOSED. Will reopen in the future.

What do you do if two people reply to your open, if one is about a day after the other? Is it okay to keep both going or should you just stick with the person who responded first?

Totally personal preference.

If you can handle both partners and enjoyed both of the responses, go for it.

If you preferred the first one and not the second one, just politely decline.

Hope this helps!

Do you think it's kind of being an asshole when you're listing to someone telling you the prompt and you just go "okay" or "sounds cool" or "I see" or something like that to show that you are listening but have nothing to add? I wonder if it makes me sound uninterested.

'Asshole' is definitely not the term I would use here, so I wouldn't think that harshly of yourself.

However, I think it may seem that you’re a little uninterested.

I’ve noticed it’s kind of off putting to people, so now if I really like an idea or I’m good with it, but have nothing to say, I say something along the lines of this:

I really enjoy the idea! I apologize for not saying much in response—I don’t want you to think I’m not interested, but I think the idea is great by itself and I just don’t have much to add to it :)

Maybe this will help you in the future to seem less ‘uninterested’ to others!

Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for making all of those playlists, they're SO helpful for getting in the right mood for writing (and doing art!). Do you plan on doing anymore?

I’m glad you enjoy them!

Yes, I do, but they just take time. I currently have 2 others in the works at the moment.

Hello, I was wondering what type of info I should put on a canon rp blog? I know this must sound like a dumb question, but I just made an indie blog and I wrote a lot of details regarding my character's personality and background. Like, it's really long. But when I went to look at other blogs, some people have really short bios or none at all, so I was wondering if I should maybe shorten mine or remove it completely?

Usually, people going in and roleplaying canon characters know at least some information about the character before roleplaying with them. So, where it me, I would shorten it. I think important chunks of info are good, and a general personality run down in your own words, etc.

If someone wants to know all about a character, they can easily look up a wiki page or just ask you about them!

I hope this helps!

I did a quick search for this but couldn't find it anywhere, so sorry if this has been asked before. One of my role-play partners is on a semi-hiatus for a week or two,whilst I still owe them a reply. But I'm wondering...would it be considered bad etiquette for me to leave my reply until nearer the day they get back? Or would that be considered reasonable?

I think it’s okay either way. You can even just put a little OOC message at the end letting them know that you put it nearer until they came back so they didn’t have to see messages piling up, etc. if that were the case. 

To me, there is nothing wrong with it. However, unless someone specifically states something along the lines of ‘please no replies until I return’, then I would respect their wishes.

Hope this helps!

So, I am a bit at a loss for words right now.

After starting this blog a few years ago, I never, ever thought that this blog would have grown to where it is right now!

5000 and constantly growing. That makes me feel really honored and so grateful that you people feel that this blog does something for you and other roleplayers. That means a lot—more than I can convey.

Thank you all for sticking with me during my times of ridiculous stress that is my anxiety disorder and life in general. I appreciate you all. Thank you guys so very much.

And on that note, I am going to reopen the ask box in celebration. Of course, I have asks still sitting in there, but my muse just isn’t getting to them right now, and I’ve cleared several out that violated the Read Me First/have been answered previously. 

Hopefully, new questions coming in may spark me to go on a marathon of answering questions.

Thank you guys again. It means so much and I am so happy!